Wednesday, November 16, 2011

abase - abnegate

*abase (v) to humiliate or disgrace
Synonyms: degrade, demean

Example: The elementary school teacher abased her students by drawing attention to their physical flaws. He abased himself by drinking so much; in fact, the whole family was ashamed.

*abate (v) to diminish in intensity
Synonym: ebb, lapse, let up, moderate, relent, slacken

Example: The storm gradually abated overnight. Luckily, the little girl's fever abated by midnight.

*abdicate (v) to renounce or give up a position or right
Synonyms: cede, quit, relinquish, resign, yield

Example: Despite the opposition, the chairman would not abdicate his position. The king finally decided to abdicate his throne in consideration of the public outcry.

*aberrant (adj) departing from what is normal or accepted
Synonyms: abnormal, anomalous, deviant, divergent, errant, irregular

Example: Max was a gentle dog so the aberrant barking was quite surprising. Normally a straight A student, her C and D grades struck her teachers as aberrant.

*abeyance (n) a state of temporary suppression or suspension
Synonyms: deferral, delay, dormancy, postponement, remission

Example: My sister kept her admirer in abeyance; she was just not that into him. The man kept his temper in abeyance while the children were present.

*abjure (v) to formally renounce, recant, or reject
Synonyms: forswear, recall, retract

Example: The knight abjured his allegiance to the kind. The businessman abjured his citizenship and headed for more profitable, foreign lands.

*abnegate (v) to deny or renounce
Synonyms: abjure, shed, surrender

Example: A true Buddhist could not find it hi himself to abnegate the Buddha's Teachings. A true Christian could not find it in himself to abnegate his God. She planned to abnegate her professional responsibilities for more carefree lifestyle.

To improve my English I must not abnegate my effort for learning it.


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