Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Prefix "In"

The prefix "in" is used with many words to indicate the negative or opposite meaning of the word. Read the definition beside each "in" prefix below, then chose the appropriate word from those listed below. We've done the first one to get you started.

Active; audible; capable; complete; consistent; conspicuous; correct; credible; curable; edible; efficient; eligible; excusable; expensive; sensitive

1- in_active_ not moving; idle
2- in_______ not fit to eat
3- in_______ not easily heard
4- in_______ not working well
5- in_______ not highly priced
6- in_______ not easy to forgive
7- in_______ not even or regular
8- in_______ not not able to be healed
9- in_______ not finished
10- in_______ not able to do
11- in_______ not qualified to do; unfit
12- in_______ not caring about others
13- in_______ not right; in error
14- in_______ not easily noticed
15- in_______ beyond belief

2) inedible; 3) inaudible; 4) inefficient; 5) inexpensive; 6) inexcusable; 7) inconsistent; 8) incurable; 9) incomplete; 10) incapable; 11) ineligible; 12) insensitive; 13) incorrect; 14) inconspicuous; 15) incredible.


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